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My successes & highlights

Strategy & Sales

Development of a sales structure: from start-up to renowned tour operator.

When I started as a start-up in 2011, I had the unique opportunity to be part of the tropo team from the very beginning and was responsible for all sales and marketing activities of the company. What is the best way to equip a green meadow and make it bloom? The attraction of this job was especially to use all the experience to celebrate daily successes and keep the company on track. The effort has paid off – tropo now has an agency network of more than 8,000 online and offline agencies in several countries, particularly in the DACH region, and is one of the most renowned dynamic tour operators in Germany. Together with my team, the whole thing was not only daily hard work but also the implementation of long-term planned strategy concepts.


Launch of the tropo TV campaign and six years of successful television advertising.

As part of ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE, we launched the tropo TV commercial for the first time in 2012 and have since shown it on all ProSiebenSat.1 TV channels. Several hurdles had to be overcome: How do we manage to align the content of a TV spot in such a way that it

a) stands out from the multitude of other tourist spots and attracts the attention

b) the brand message is transferred in such a way that it appeals exactly to the target group

c) the message is hit in such a way that the campaign is a significant lever for increasing sales and brand awareness. At this point, I was responsible for the production of the TV spots, for the content orientation, for the acquisition of cooperation partners as well as for the budgeting and optimization of the TV media volume.

Online-Marketing Test Winner Best Organizer Website from 2013 to 2018 at the German Institute for Service and Quality (DISQ)

Six years in a row was voted the best organizer website by DISQ, emphasizing its clarity, variety of offers and service. Together with my team I was responsible for the company website.


Table talk interview in the fvw.

The fvw is the largest and most renowned tourism trade magazine in the German-speaking area and appears every two weeks with the most current topics of tourism. At the end of each issue, selected tourism professionals are given the opportunity to present themselves a little more personally on two pages and tell stories about their (also touristic) lives. I was one of these selected persons in September 2016.


Budget gain for the organization of the Metro Management Conference with 700 participants worldwide.

Parallel to the e-commerce activities of ÖGER TOURS, I was also responsible for the direct sales of special products such as sports products or the organization of various events. Every two years the Metro Management Conference for the middle and upper management of the Metro Group took place at different locations. For the organisation in 2009 I had submitted a concept for a conference at the Turkish Riviera in Antalya/Belek to the Metro and finally won it. We successfully organized all flights to Antalya and back, the conference hotel, all accommodations, all transfers and the supporting program of the conference for 700 Metro managers who had travelled worldwide. One of the most exciting events in my career.


Responsible for the best known website for Turkey travel and relaunch including the implementation of a self-designed booking engine (IBE).

Together with my team at ÖGER TOURS we were responsible for all websites of the company including the main site Undoubtedly was and still is one of the best known websites for Turkey travel and one of the highlights of our work was the complete relaunch of the website with the implementation of a self-designed and programmed IBE. This enabled us to offer features that the competition did not have and to achieve enormous cost savings, as we were able to fall back on suppliers due to the self-designed IBE, with a much better price-performance ratio than the renowned providers. The sales generated via made a significant contribution to the Group’s positive overall result.



Initiator, idea giver, organizer of the Runtalya.

As mentioned above, I was responsible for the e-commerce activities at ÖGER TOURS as well as for the orientation of special products, especially for the winter season with weaker sales. Especially here, it was important to address special target groups who practice their hobbies or sports activities in the holiday destinations and travel specifically for this purpose. In addition to golfers, swimming groups and football teams, millions of hobby runners who, due to their passion for running, also take part in international running events and travel for these, are an immense potential. In Turkey up to this time there was only one big mass sport running event, the marathon in Istanbul, which was not established in Germany. Antalya, with its mild winter temperatures, offers excellent conditions for running and the idea was born: the organisation of the ÖGER Antalya Marathon, or Runtalya for short! In 2006 the first run took place with almost 800 participants, mostly runners from Turkey. In the year of my retirement 2011 at ÖGER TOURS the number of participants had increased to more than 6.000 runners, with participants from more than 20 countries and 1.000 runners from Germany alone, who for the most part travelled together with their friends and families to the event. The event still takes place every year in March, is the largest mass sports event of the Turkish Riviera and the second largest running event in Turkey.